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Our main focus is software development and data analysis. We provide and develop computer applications for the market research industry with a strong mathematical background. Our main field of development are all kinds of choice modeling and simulation software. Regarding the area of Price and Product Optimization, Discrete Choice Models are significant and reliable methods what has been proven in many academic articles during the last 30 years. Our modern software can help professionals to improve quality, variety and relevance as well as speed up the complete research process.

A typical market research process and our solutions:

Our software in market research

Nothing but a perfect example would present our offer, therefore we encourage you to navigate to the Download section. You could find the AMS PricePoint demo tool there.

Please, also take a closer look to our "Solutions" and "Market Tools" sections for more information about our expertise. If you could not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.