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Product and Price Optimization

The aim of optimization research is to provide the fine tuning to the brand launch and business plan. These include:


A high quality estimation of the models is required to provide the best insight and reliability for these difficult decisions before product is launched. AMS will work together with you to find the best methodology for your needs and helps your team in bringing the findings to the next step in the business process.

Optimization research does not simply mean the AMS offering of an Optimization module/tab in a DSS to provides clients the optimal product configuration, like many other companies do. AMS guide you through the whole process of optimization research.

AMS best know pricing research. Whether you are in the earliest stages of product development and just need rough sense for correct pricing or need to rationalize pricing across complete product lines, AMS will help finding accurate and actionable answers to your pricing topics. AMS have developed their own range of methods and adapt them depending on your needs.